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Our Mission:

Trustworthy reviews


The Stellar Product Panel makes it easy for everyday shoppers to find the right product by ensuring that they can read thoughtful, honest reviews about items they're looking to buy.


Genuine feedback

When you see Stellar mentioned in a review, you can trust that the reviewer is candid and authentic —and that the brand wants you to see that genuine feedback.


The Challenge

The challenge is—for both consumers and brands—that reviews don't exist until someone buys a product (and writes a review). But few folks are willing to buy a product until they've read real feedback (it's a classic chicken-and-egg scenario).

Our reviewers are natural sharers.

The Stellar Product Panel is a group of people (just like you!) who’ve shared tons of helpful, constructive reviews on our proprietary social network, We play matchmaker between our panel members and brands, bringing together thoughtful, helpful reviewers and the products they'd naturally choose off the store shelves. That means that you can feel confident that Stellar reviewers are people like you who are selective, thorough, and careful about finding the best products for themselves and their families.

“As someone who researches extensively before making a purchase, I appreciate honest, thoughtful reviews. It’s satisfying knowing I’m giving others information to help them decide on products that are right for themselves and their families.” — Linsey V., Stellar Reviewer
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What our reviewers are saying



Fantastic Stroller!

“This stroller is lightweight and easy to use, even at 34 weeks pregnant! My son always gets upset when then sun is in his eyes, but the sun shade on this stroller is large and really covers his face well at all hours of the day...”

Cherice G., Tampa, FL



My New Toothpaste of Choice!

"Hello, my new toothpaste of choice! This is a good choice in toothpaste if you're looking for a brand that uses non-toxic ingredients and is widely available. Not only do I feel good using it (good ingredients), but it tastes good too...”

Heather S., Ithaca, NY



Fantastic Baking Mat!

“This versatile mat can be used for so many different applications in the kitchen -- letting bread dough rise, drying chocolate truffles, baking cookies, rolling fondant. The material is flexible, sturdy, super easy to wipe clean -- especially since it's super non-stick...”

Maggie B., Arlington, TX


How do I sign up?

You don’t! The Stellar Product Panel is an invite-only program reserved for the most active members of the weeSpring community.  The best way to be considered for the program is to become a meaningful contributor at

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